Coat of Arms of Alpha Delta Chi

Alpha Delta Chi Fraternity
at Frostburg State University

ADX Founded - 1964
[DX Chartered - 1991-2011]

Over 600 Initiates at FSU
Over 55 Years of Brotherhood

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This is a site for Brothers of Alpha Delta Chi and the former Delta Chi Chapter at Frostburg State University

Celebrating more than 55 Years at Frostburg State!
For more information or questions about the current Alpha Delta Chi Chapter at FSU, please e-mail

ADX Fall 2019
ADX Brothers - Fall 2019

ADX Founding Fathers at the 50-Year Reunion 
ADX Founding Fathers at the 50-Year Reunion

This Website:

This site is intended to be a useful tool to alumni Brothers of Alpha Delta Chi at Frostburg State (for a time the
Frostburg Chapter of The Delta Chi Fraternity).  If you have ideas, expertise, or content/photos to contribute, please contact the current page manager, Brian Parker.  Contact info is in the left margin of this page.

Alumni Events:
Click on the "alumni' link in the banner at the top of this page.
The Alumni Fund is always looking to plan reunion/fundraising events and your ideas and support are appreciated. Contact Brian Parker if you have an idea and we'll try to pull it off.

Stay in Touch:
Initiated members of this Chapter can sign up to read and post messages and contribute content to our Yahoo Group linked on the left margin of this page and HERE.  If you were initiated at FSU as an ADX or Delta Chi, you can e-mail the group owner to sign up.